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Trade Plate Holders



Dunlop Trade Plate Holders
Price per set:


Rubber Trade Plate Holders


Traditional fastenings, fast fitting, moulded rubber construction. Suitable for either metal or perspex trade plates.
Comes complete with 8 straps, one for each corner.

  Spare Straps
£2.50 each

Dunlop Trade Plate Holders
Price per set:


Suction Trade Plate Holders

  Easily fitted in seconds directly onto the vehicles number plate, using a lever actuated sucker. Complies with the Department of Transport regulations. Comes with security strap. Fully tested and proven to withstand high speed driving in very windy conditions.  
  Replacement security strap 90p each
  Replacement lever actuated sucker £8.25 each

  The latest guidance from the DVLA (from March 2017):  

A trade plate:

• must be displayed on a vehicle as long as it is visible and vertical on both the front and rear (rear only for motorcycles)

• cannot be displayed inside a vehicle

• must not cover the vehicle’s existing number plates (except motorcycles)

••• Motorcycles can continue to display a trade plate over the existing number plate •••

Please Note: The penalties for improper use of trade licences/plates can include a maximum fine of £5000 and a possible prison term not exceeding two years. Using or keeping an unlicenced vehicle on a public road is an offence punishable by a maximum penalty of £1000 or five times the rate of duty, whichever is the greater. The court can also impose an additional penalty equivalent to any outstanding arrears of duty.


All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT and carriage.